Fighting the cause of allergy

For pet parents For veterinary clinics

New: Next+ Serum Test

Artuvetrin® Serum Test has now become Next+

Next+ is an innovative allergy test for detecting specific immunoglobulin E (IgE) in the serum of dogs and cats. It has all the benefits of our Ground-breaking technology + it employs a new generation of CCD blockers.


About Artuvet

A Nextmune company

Artuvet is the producer of Artuvetrin® Therapy – an allergen-specific immunotherapy that is tailor-made for every animal and treats the cause of allergy instead of just the symptoms. In addition, Artuvet uses the latest technology for its blood tests. The Next+ Serum Test has been specially developed for dogs, cats and horses. In addition to blood tests, Artuvet also has skin tests.

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For Veterinary Clinics

Allergy tests and licensed immunotherapy make a difference

We understand allergy better than anybody else. Our offering encompasses best-in-class products, expertise and customer service. We have nothing else in mind than to help you as a veterinarian and your practice to fight allergy for a better life for patients and pet parents alike.

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For Pet Parents

Pets deserve a comfortable life

Pets cannot tell us why they have itch, that is where we come in. Artuvet offers allergy tests and treatment to veterinarians. On this page you will find all information about allergy, allergy testing and allergy treatment.

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