Fighting the cause of allergy

An effective way of treating allergy is avoidance. However, this is practically not an option in most cases. Not only are many allergens like house dust mites, grass, and tree pollen difficult to avoid, allergy to multiple allergens is particularly challenging to address through avoidance.

Therefore, the premier choice for treating allergy is immunotherapy. It is a solution which is safe, effective and for long-term use. After determining what the dog, cat or horse is allergic to through our allergy tests, Artuvetrin Therapy keeps the allergy under control ensuring that the symptoms are greatly reduced or even eliminated. Artuvetrin Therapy is the only licensed immunotherapy in Europe.

Immunotherapy and how it works

Artuvetrin Therapy works by giving repeated doses of allergens, thereby stimulating an immune response in the body which leads to the build-up of immunological tolerance. It is the only treatment which alters the course of allergic disease while at the same time taking the allergy symptoms below the symptom threshold. Artuvetrin Therapy is available in shots (subcutaneous injections) and soon in drops.

The immunotherapy is custom-made for each patient, based on the allergens identified through our allergy testing. The efficacy rate for Artuvetrin Therapy is about 75%. Most patients see improvements within a few months. Artuvetrin Therapy has virtually no side effects and can therefore be given for long periods.

Compliance with the patient’s allergy treatment plan is key. Close adherence to the treatment schedule will accelerate the pet’s recovery and allergy relief.

Immunotherapy gold standard

We offer the gold standard in immunotherapy – Artuvetrin Therapy:

    • Effective
    • Safe
    • For long-term use
    • The only licensed immunotherapy in Europe
    • Delivery within 10 working days
    • Available in shots and soon in drops
    • Free, world-class support with our veterinary allergy experts

Shampoos and essential fatty acid supplements

In conjunction with immunotherapy, bathing may help relieve itching and remove environmental allergens from the pet’s skin. It is key to pick the right shampoo, as frequent bathing with the wrong product can dry out the skin. Also, essential fatty acids have an important role in supporting skin health. By being a structural component of the cellular membranes, essential fatty acids help maintain the skin barrier and prevent penetration of allergens through the skin. In addition, essential fatty acids have an anti-inflammatory effect, alleviating symptoms of itching and scratching. Artuvet’s ATOPI-3 essential fatty acid supplement is a premier supplement for any pet suffering from allergies.

Key facts about allergy immunotherapy:

  • The premier choice for treating allergy
  • Safe, effective and long-term treatment
  • Treats the cause, not only the symptoms
  • Rebuilds immunological tolerance
  • Available in shots (subcutaneous injections) and drops
  • Adherence to the immunotherapy schedule and refills are critical for recovery and relief