Loyalty and Care program

Total support

Our Loyalty & Care Program offers you total support, which enables you to provide your customers with fully customized care and makes life easier for both you and the owner.

All the latest information and developments

You will be updated with the lasted information and developments with our newsletter, detail aid and trained staff who are ready to answer all your questions.

Our website

This is where you can find any information, order forms and materials.

Client brochure

This gives your clients all the background information about allergies, testing and treatment methods.

Itching scale

Scoring the extent of itching on the itching scale at the start of the treatment and during the treatment gives more insight into the effect of the treatment.


The diary can be used to record reactions and observations. Based on this diary, in combination with the clinical history, it is possible, to adapt the treatment programme specifically to the animal.

Artuvetrin reminder service

When you sign up for the Artuvetrin reminder service you receive personalised emails reminding you to reorder Artuvetrin Therapy in time. You don’t need to keep track of when the subsequent therapy is needed.

Artuvetrin Therapy will be continued faithfully and effectively.