Artuvetrin® Serum Test

This serological test identifies the allergens that can be responsible for the atopic dermatitis. The most relevant indoor and outdoor allergens are being examined. Thanks to the latest technology, this test has a high specificity and sensitivity.

  • Specially developed for dogs, cats and horses
  • Panels composed especially for Europe (North-West and South) including Malassezia for dogs and cats
  • High specificity and sensitivity due to latest technology
  • Fast and reliable result
  • Short-term medication does not have to be discontinued
  • Clearly set out and easy to interpret result, together with clear advice and support

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The Screening indicates if any of the tested allergens is positive or if all allergens are negative. so it does not specify which allergens (with exception of individual Flea result for dogs and cats).

  • It is specially developed for dogs, cats and horses
  • 100% reliable
  • Individual FLEA result for dogs and cats is included

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Detailed allergy panel

This test specifies the individual result for the tested allergens and an allergen-specific immunotherapy can be ordered based on the results. There is virtually no cross reactivity with IgG and comes with a clear treatment advice.

Dogs and cats

  • Specific panel for dogs and cats
  • The 29 most relevant indoor and outdoor are examined, including Malassezia
  • 3 monoclonal antibodies derived from recombinant IgE

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  • Specific panel for horses
  • The 30 most relevant indoor and outdoor allergens are examined, including insects
  • 1 monoclonal antibody derived from a recombinant horse IgE

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