Next+ Food Test

Identifies a suitable composition for an elimination diet

Currently, the definitive diagnosis of food allergy in dogs is only possible through a food elimination trial, followed by a food challenge test.

Although not diagnostic, combined assays of food specific IgE and IgG, represent a useful tool to identify a suitable composition for an elimination diet, when attempting to diagnose and manage a suspected adverse food reaction.


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IgE and IgG

High predictive negative values

The testing of IgE on its own, represents a half-reliable tool. Evidence shows significant improvements when choosing an elimination diet based on combination of IgE and IgG results, when compared with IgE alone.

Generally, serum testing for food-specific IgE and IgG shown an average accuracy of 75%. High predictive negative values (Ø75% IgE and Ø84% IgG) represent a more accurate interpretation when compared with positive predictability (15-100% IgE and 35% IgG).


Tests for 20 different allergens

Next+ Food Test includes the results for food-specific IgE and IgG levels for 20 different allergens, together with clear advice on potential suitable ingredients and commercial diets for a food elimination trial.

Beef – Chicken – Lamb – Pork – Turkey – Venison – White fish – Blue (oily) fish – Milk – Egg – Soyabean – Corn – Potato – Sugar beet – Carrot – Pea – Wheat – Rice – Oat – Yeast

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