Artuvetrin Therapy

An effective way of treating allergy is avoidance. However, this is practically not an option in most cases. Not only are many allergens like house dust mites, grass, and tree pollen difficult to avoid, hypersensitivity for multiple allergens is particularly challenging to address through avoidance.

Therefore, the recommended choice for treating allergy is immunotherapy. It is a solution which is safe, effective and for long-term use. After determining what the dog, cat or horse is allergic to through our allergy tests, Artuvetrin Therapy keeps the allergy under control ensuring that the symptoms are greatly reduced or even eliminated.

Artuvetrin Therapy is the only licensed immunotherapy in Europe. Therefore, under the European veterinary medicines regulations (Directives 2004/28/EC), Artuvetrin Therapy is the product of choice.

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Pet's Relief - Skin Health Support

ATOPI-3 and soon DERM-10

Pet’s Relief® is the new product range of Artuvet and were developed for a complete support of skin health.

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