Pet's Relief® - Skin Health Support

Pet’s Relief® is the new product range of Artuvet and were developed for a complete and balanced support of skin health.

Pet's Relief® ATOPI-3

Essential fatty acids and more

This dietetic complementary feed for dogs and cats is a perfect combination with Artuvetrin® Therapy. It soothes dry, irritated and sensitive skin, reduces itching and scratching and promotes a healthy skin.

The scientifically developed and unique composition of ATOPI-3 helps to maintain the skin’s natural barrier, promotes skin repair, helps to control excessive skin inflammation and supports neutralisation of free-radicals (antioxidant).


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Pet's Relief® DERM-10

Zinc oxide + 9 herbal extracts

DERM-10 is a stimulating cream for repairing skin damage, ulcers, burning, insect bites/stings and regeneration of the skin.

It also works preventively in places where damage to the skin can easily occur.

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