Sublingual Immunotherapy

Oral spray for long-term allergy management and relief

Sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT) is an alternative way to treat atopic dermatitis by
placing the allergenic extract in the animal’s mouth rather than injecting it subcutaneously.


  • Easy administration
  • Once daily
  • One vial/one dosage schedule
  • Safe: minimum side effects
  • Up to 12 allergens per vial
  • 80 allergens available

When is sublingual immunotherapy a good alternative?

Adverse to needles (pet or pet parents)
It is easier for some pet parents to administer an oral product instead of an injectable. Many pets also prefer a slightly sweet product placed in their mouth over an injection.

Sublingual immunotherapy is considered safe
Animals that experience adverse reactions to injections should be considered for sublingual immunotherapy.

Some animals may respond better to sublingual immunotherapy
Animals that may have failed to respond adequately to injectable immunotherapy may respond better to sublingual. Vice versa: animals that have not responded to sublingual immunotherapy may respond well to injectable.

A daily routine is easier for some pet parents
For some pet parents a daily administration may be easier to remember and comply with.

Application and dosage

Each administration (full pump compression) delivers 0.1 ml of the allergenic extract. Sublingual immunotherapy is given by spraying in the mouth, between the cheek and gum. No food and drink 10 minutes before and after administration.